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Dragonfly has developed Software-Defined Platforms—DataSwarm & DataSwarm Marketplace (Store)—to address a tremendous market opportunity. By democratizing development and deployment of real-time analytics applications, Dragonfly software enables organizations to shift time and resources from development to data science and analysis. Businesses that use DataSwarm expedite analytics-project value, increase marketplace responsiveness, and even generate incremental revenue from developed apps and components.

The Dragonfly solution includes:

  • Dragonfly DataSwarm: an IoT processing and automation platform that enables faster time-to-value for real-time event processing and analytics projects. Built upon an Apache Storm foundation.

  • DataSwarm Marketplace: an online store (for IoT) that enables domain expertsto easily share—or sell—pre-built applications, application components and contextualization data connectors.

The Dragonfly solution enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy applications that satisfy end-user's demanding—and ever-changing—requirements.

  • Shift time and effort from development to data science and analysis across a multitude ofsources

  • Expedite delivery of analytics project value and increase marketplaceresponsiveness

  • Generate incremental revenue from external use of internally-developed applications and components

  • Democratize, and lower the cost of building real-time analytics and related Data Science applications.

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Reinventing real-time streaming analytics
applications development

Dragonfly DataSwarm

The vast majority of marketplace attention in the real-time analytics space has been focused on foundational technologies: programming models, execution engines, data ingestion and movement, and machine learning algorithms. Little attention has been paid to the user experience, or integration with other business processes and data. As a result, businesses entering the world of real-time analytics are faced with programming in low-level languages such as Java—from scratch.

Even when an organization has appropriate in-house talent, those developers have significant hurdles to clear each time they’re asked to create a new application. They must understand—and hand code—real-time message formats for data being ingested by a particular application. And each IoT device speaks a different language or dialect. So they start by exploring online code repositories for code fragments that do something remotely similar—and adapt it to their purpose by making significant changes to the code. Then they face painful debugging and performance tuning because of a lack of, or poor integration with, good tools for this new programming environment. Even seemingly simple modifications and maintenance, such as adjusting a data flow, involves grappling with code scattered throughout the application. This sounds too much like the way we built applications back in the 1980’s.

What if someone were to bring the state of the art for building, modifying and maintaining apps in the real-time world to a level businesses have been accustomed to for years in the batch world? That’s exactly what we’re doing with DataSwarm, and our online DataSwarm Marketplace™. Instead of all that manual coding, schema handling, and so on, real-time application development becomes a smooth user-friendly process like this:

  • Browse the Marketplace for pre-built components, app templates that perform the steps your application needs (data transformation, analysis, rule-based decisions, automated actions, predictive analytics, etc.).

  • Compose your application by dragging and dropping components on a graphical design canvas, and connecting them into data flows.

  • Click on each component and configure it via a pop-up window.

  • Connect to historical data, and make it available in-memory to contextualize the incoming real-time event data.

  • Save, validate, test, deploy and monitor

All within a single, easy-to-use graphical experience.

DataSwarm MarketplaceTM

The DataSwarm Marketplace is an ever-expanding library of pre-built applications, application components, and contextualization-data connectors that can be quickly composed into new applications. Items on the Marketplace can be commercial (paid) as well as open-source (free). Users can quickly discover Marketplace items by simply typing in a natural-language use case description or problem statement, and then seamlessly install them onto the DataSwarm platform for immediate use.

Developers can submit their own custom components to the Marketplace, providing an opportunity for domain experts to generate additional revenue from functions that they created as part of their application-development projects.

Additionally, we also offer an option for an internal-use-only Marketplace for application and component sharing within an enterprise, as well as an option to run a global Marketplace relabeled with a client’s branding. There are many features that make the Marketplace a unique value add for the DataSwarm Platform, such as:

  • DataSwarm Marketplace is an online library of reusable, GUI-configurable components and application templates.

  • This global online component library is provided and maintained by Dragonfly and constantly being enhanced and refreshed by Dragonfly and ecosystem of developers.

  • Marketplace resources can be put as open-source or commercial

  • Marketplace has an option to build local online component library for collaboration, sharing and reuse of components within an organization

  • Snap-in library for sharing componentsand templates across the enterprise

Dragonfly Solution

  • Accelerate real-time application development

  • Integrate real-time and batch-based analytics

  • Simplify real-time application deployment lifecycles