Ram Pothula

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of Dragonfly Data Factory, Ram Pothula, brings more than 27 years of pure play Data and Information centric Global Management enterprise experience. He is a recognized leader and architect in the Enterprise Cloud & Data.

Ram imparted his skills and knowledge in Big Data Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure Solutions, Information centric Hadoop architectures, Enterprise Data Center transformational services & technologies and Emerging Technologies for New Product Introductions to global enterprise clients in the USA, Australia, Singapore and India.

He holds a Bachelors Degree (Honors) from IIMC India, MBA from Andhra University India and Diplomas from Stanford University (Marketing Emerging Technology) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Big Data). Prior to Dragonfly, Ram has held leadership roles with PwC, EMC, Hitachi and Computer Associates.

Venkat Janapareddy

Lead Investor/Advisor

Venkat Janapareddy is our Acting Chief Technology Officer, Investor and Advisor. Venkat previously founded Gozaik, which was acquired by Monster Worldwide in January 2014. Gozaik pioneered using social media and Hadoop in the human resource and talent acquisition market. Gozaik, now part of Monster.com, gives employers the opportunity to find, engage and hire talent on social media outlets (like Twitter). The approach uses job ad amplification and distribution using big data technology to enhance the social value and visibility of job seekers and allows for more targeted career advertising.

Prior to this, Venkat Janapareddy spent 13 years with Deloitte. Venkat has lead technical teams to provide complex custom IT solutions including the design of enterprise technical architectures, business analytics integration, data extraction and integration and managing off shore development teams.

David Freund

VP Technology and Product Management.

David guides Dragonfly's architectural vision and strategy, and drives execution through the company’s software engineering team.

David's unusually broad experience includes marketing and IT operations as well as engineering real-time network protocols, trading platforms, operating system kernels, cluster file systems, information security, and cloud-scale distributed software. Previously, David led virtualization and cloud solution engineering at NetApp, drove innovation and architectural strategy as Infrastructure-Software CTO at EMC, and led the Information Architectures practice at industry-analyst firm Illuminata.

David has provided strategic advice and custom research to global IT vendors, and held numerous senior engineering and marketing roles in commercial, academic and defense-contractor organizations.

Serge Blazhievsky

Big Data Hadoop Architect

Serge Blazhievsky leads factory architecture for Dragonfly Data Factory. Serge is a Hadoop/Big Data expert, developer, author and distributed system evangelist. He specializes in large scale applications.

Serge holds a Masters degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University. He is also a Cloudera Hadoop Certfied Developer.

Matthew Bretz

Data Architect

Matthew is a key member of Dragonfly's real time analytics product development team. Matt's responsibilities include the design and development of the core platform as well the components that are part of the product's online library.

Matthew has a bachelor's degree in computer science from Penn State University. Prior to Dragonfly, Matthew worked as a developer at MapQuest, the online mapping tool company.