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Dragonfly has developed Software-Defined Platforms-DataSwarm & DataSwarm Marketplace (Store)- to address a tremendous market opportunity. By democratizing development and deployment of real-time analytics applications, Dragonfly software enables organizations to shift time and resources from development to data science and analysis, Business that use DataSwarm expedite analytics-project value, increase marketplace responsiveness, and even generate incremental revenue from developed apps and components.


  • Customer Analytics Use Case: Stock-broking

    With the help of this real-time application, the organization, will be able to optimize the resource allocation based on the change in number of transactions or orders instantaneously, and also help to predict and target the potential customer segments/focus areas, and distribute their marketing activities efficiently.
    This use case enables theorganizationto take instantaneous business decisions related to but not limited to revenue generation, customer satisfaction, customer retention and acquisition and resource optimization.


  • Dragonfly Value Proposition Paper

    DataSwarm abstracts the complexity of programming real-time applications with its high degree of automation using a powerful drag and drop GUI. It enables the organizations to shift their focus from software development to data science and analysis, accelerating the time to market in the analytics value chain.


  • Marketplace Value Proposition Paper

    DataSwarm Marketplace is an ever-expanding library of pre-built applications, application components, and contextualization-data connectors that can be quickly composed into new applications. Items on the Marketplace can be commercial (paid) as well as open-source (free).


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